Chris Magnan

Cost For My Service

My services are provided on a reward basis. For me to come out and reunite you with what you have lost, you pay me what you feel is a fair compensation that you can afford. I will dedicate the time needed to find your item and you will not regret your decision to call me. In the very unlikely scenario where I don’t locate your item, I require a $25 fee for my time, gas, tolls and parking..Fee varies for scuba/deep water recoveries.

Search Types

On land or in water up to 20 feet(Scuba certified). Primary recovery areas include beaches, docks, parks and yards.

Search Locations

The beaches, canals, docks, parks, backyards, lakes, sandbars... throughout Broward and Miami Dade counties.

Chris Magnan's Bio

I have over a 90% recovery success rate in the water and 100% on land.

I find most people’s jewelry in under an hour and the smiles, hugs and gratitude of those that I have helped, make this job very rewarding. Remember that the key to a successful recovery is to mark the area where you lost the item and call me quickly. As a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced recovery specialist, I specialize in making your day better by turning the stress that you are feeling about your lost item into a rush of excitement when you see it again. Having high quality equipment for both land and water, gives me the power to put a smile on your face so call me! Even if I am detecting in the ocean, I check my messages very often.

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