Bill Pendergrass

Cost For My Service

I have a $25.00 call out fee to help cover fuel cost. My service is on a reward basis. This means you only pay what you think it was worth to you and what you can afford to find your lost item. If I cannot find your item, then no fee will be expected. Only the call out fee to help cover fuel cost.

Search Types

Lost rings, jewelry, and keys. Lost family heirlooms, estate searches, and any lost metallic valuables. I search yards, parks, old home sites, athletic fields, gardens, playgrounds and schools etc. If the search is on private property, then you must obtain permission beforehand. If the search is on national or state park grounds, metal detecting there is strictly prohibited, but the park services are usually understanding about this and will typically grant permission when asked beforehand. I will also do Insurance Loss Recovery, Law Enforcement Evidence Recovery, and steel marker’s for homes.

Search Locations

Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas

Bill Pendergrass's Bio

Hi, my name is Bill and I live in Smyrna Tennessee. I am a Tennessee native and Air Force veteran. My family moved back to Nashville in 1992. I have been actively involved with metal detecting for over 20 years mainly coin searching but over the years have turned to relic hunting.

I joined The Ring Finders because I have a genuine desire to help others that may have lost something that is precious to them. There are no words to describe the feeling one experiences when they realize that they have lost something very dear to them. While I cannot guarantee to be able to find everything, one thing you should know about me is that I personally promise you that I will do my very best to recover whatever it is that you have lost. This is my pledge to you.

Bill Pendergrass - Testimonials

  • Thank you for your service. I know there will be countless other stories such as mine to come.   (2017)



    I want to thank you again for finding my lost wedding ring. It was lost while doing yardwork. Even though I knew it had to be in a 100 square foot area our dozens of hours searching were futile.  

    My wife even bought a metal detector which we used for a few hours to no avail. It was only when we thought it was truly lost that she found you on The Ring Finders  Directory.  

    I was skeptical however our best efforts had failed and the ring was gone for almost a month at that point. When you arrived you saw the evidence of our search. Small holes throughout the lawn where our metal detector had indicated something, only to be a nickel or a buried can.

    You went to work and within 15 minutes my lost ring was once again in my hands. Words are inadequate to describe the relief felt when you reunited me with that ring. Thank you for your service. I know there will be countless other stories such as mine to come.  

    With many thanks and best regards,


    Scott Pinckard