Alan Loflin

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis... That means you pay me what it's worth to you...and what you can afford...for me to come out and find your lost item. If the item isn't found I do ask for a call out fee of $25 to cover my gas/fuel. If you're more than 25 miles one way from me I charge a little more to cover longer distances. (let me know when you call and we can discuss the cost.

Search Types

I can search land & water (up to 5 feet of water)

Search Locations

Piedmont Triad area and surrounding areas

Alan Loflin's Bio

I have owned a metal detector since I was 13. Welder by trade and a Licensed Life Insurance Agent for North and South Carolina. Love meeting new people and helping them in any way possible. I love a good challenge and finding peoples cherished items will be a blessing for my wife and I.

Alan Loflin - Recent Blog Post

  • mad and upset at your spouse and tossed your ring? valuable item (2017)

    I’m your Huckleberry! Take notes of the area and try to mark it where you tossed the item of interest. Time is important so call me asap to find it. It happens more than you think and items can be found. Hug your spouse and know everything will be ok! Call me and lets get […]

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  • let me help you find your lost item (2017)

    If you lost an item that can be found with a metal detector give me a call ASAP so we can find it in good time. It doesnt matter if its been years or hours we can do a search to help you get that item back. Same day service if possible so that no […]

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  • lost class ring, jewelry, High Point, NC triad (2014)

    I can hunt for any lost class ring or jewelry item no matter how long ago it was lost. Most items arent too deep in the ground to find. All you need is an idea of the area where you lost it and that is a starting point.

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  • Metal Detector Rental High Point, Greensboro, NC (2014)

    If you have lost an item I can find for you  key, ring , necklace,  pendant… something that you value, give me a call to help with that search.  Please call me immediately so no one else finds it before us. Write down some details while they’re still fresh on your mind. See ya soon!

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  • Lost Ring High Point, N.C. (2014)

    Hello everyone in the Triad, N.C. and surrounding areas.  If you have lost a ring or valuable I can help you find please contact me asap.  Write down the details of where you lost it some basic info while its still fresh on your mind. Talk to you soon!

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