Alan Loflin

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis... That means you pay me what it's worth to you...and what you can afford...for me to come out and find your lost item. If the item isn't found I do ask for a call out fee of $25 to cover my gas/fuel. If you're more than 25 miles one way from me I charge a little more to cover longer distances. (let me know when you call and we can discuss the cost.

Search Types

I can search land & water (up to 5 feet of water)

Search Locations

Piedmont Triad area and surrounding areas

Alan Loflin's Bio

I have owned a metal detector since I was 13. Welder by trade and a Licensed Life Insurance Agent for North and South Carolina. Love meeting new people and helping them in any way possible. I love a good challenge and finding peoples cherished items will be a blessing for my wife and I.

Alan Loflin - Recent Blog Post

  • Ring lost on Yadkinville, NC Highway ……FOUND!!!!! (2018)

    Rings are lost when you least expect it. Driving down the exit ramp luckilly 15 MPH and you dash out a cup of coffee really hard. All to watch your ring come off and bounce off the pavement and in the grass somewhere…. After looking a couple times and rent a metal detector and still […]

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  • Lost ring in Greensboro, NC ……FOUND!!!! (2018)

      Stephen lost his Tungsten Carbide wedding band a year ago and this was gonna be his last and final effort to find it. He did a great job putting me in the exact area to look and after a little searching we found it!!! Beautiful ring it was and heavy too. Glad we could […]

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  • Lost Clasp in Old Salem in Winston Salem, N.C…… FOUND !!! (2018)

    Found this beautiful family heirloom clasp for this wonderful couple from Winston Salem, NC. They were at Old Salem having a photo shoot when her grandson apparently was playing with it while she was holding him and it opened up and fell off without her knowing…didnt take long and we found it and got it […]

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  • Platinum ring lost in Jamestown, N.C. ……. Found !!!!! (2018)

    Got this beautiful platinum band back to these guys. sofa search successful! Had the ring in her pocket and it had fallen down between the arm and seat and hidden under the framework. Love my work!!! I love seeing smiles when I find peoples treasures!

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  • Lost Wedding band set in Asheboro, N.C. ……FOUND !!! (2018)

    Lost ring set by a couple in their yard.  Really nice couple that had recently tied the knot.  Awesome opp to get their rings back on their hand…. Love it when I have smiles on everyones faces when I reveal the goodies to them that was missing! Love my job….. Get your metal detector supplies […]

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